“A dirty sock has never been such fun! A zany and hilarious adventure of bravery and friendship.” —Donna Gephart, author of How to Survive Middle School

“All hail Todd! Who can resist a story of a kid so slovenly that intelligent life forms on his filthy sock?” —Mark Peter Hughes, author of
Lemonade Mouth

By the Grace of Todd is deliciously gross. It made the ten year old locked up inside of my head howl with laughter. Wonderfully disgusting, yet thought provoking.” —THOMAS E. SNIEGOSKI - New York Times Bestselling Author of THE FALLEN series, and the BONE: QUEST FOR THE SPARK Trilogy.

“…this story is all about the ride, in all of its gross and grimy glory. Galveston . . . delights in the icky habits of the Toddlians (“dead skin cell and toe jam sandwiches” are a delicacy), yet her portrayal of the brutalities of middle school feels as real as the things Todd learns about friends, popularity, and being true to oneself.” –
Publishers Weekly

“…the generosity toward Todd as a character through his sloppiness and self-absorption is refreshing, and the zany science fiction/fantasy premise is skillfully executed. The Toddlians, too, are entertaining, with their preference for munching on “Sweat à la Todd Bod” and their English garnered from watching Downton Abbey, John Wayne movies, and reality TV…The gratifying conclusion sees the Toddlians to safety, and an epilogue that reveals that the whole story has been recounted by an elder of Toddlandia suggests that the Toddlians might return for future adventures, sure to be welcome news to the fans of both the smart and the gross that will take to this one.” –The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
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