In the beginning: Todd’s room borders on Hoarders-level messy. We’re talking Roomageddon here. When his mom gives him the ultimatum to clean it or miss his best friend’s birthday bash, Todd makes an amazing discovery: he has created an entire civilization of ant-sized people from the sheer grossness on his filthy sock. The “Toddlians” put their faith in their all-powerful creator, but can the kid who can’t even keep a hermit crab alive save them from Max Loving, the biggest bully at Wakefield Middle School?

Todd’s World:

ToddTodd Galveston Butroche--or “Buttrock” as he is unfortunately known at school. Todd is a typical video game-loving, comic book-collecting twelve-year-old male. What classifies him as a dork is his obsession with the cult Japanese cartoon Dragon Sensei. The president of the Koi Boy Karate Choppers is out to drop his loser image as he enters middle school, even if that means dumping his best friend.

Daisy Butroche--Todd’s one-year-old sister. An evil genius whose goal is to take over Todd’s room and rule the world with her two power sources: The Binkie and The Blankie. Speaks Toddlian and possesses mad art skills, her favorite medium being red jello.

Mrs. Butroche--Todd’s mom and certified stress muffin. Teaches piano and struggles to keep Daisy from destroying the house while Todd’s dad works the night shift as a nurse.

Duddy Scanlon--Todd’s long-time loveable best friend. Co-founder of the Koi Boy Karate Choppers. 110% dork with a bad bowl cut. Obsessed with ant farms and their inhabitants.

lucyLucy Pedoto--Homeschooled brainiac and Todd’s neighbor who helps him discover the Toddlians and keep them alive. A royal pain in Todd’s patootie who proves to be a true friend in the end.

vanderPrincess VanderPuff--Todd’s mom’s poodle. This destructive demon-dog barks, bites and basically makes Todd’s life miserable.

camo Camo--Todd’s science class’s pet chameleon. Left in Todd’s dubious care for a week, Camo nearly consumes the Toddlians.

Gerald P. Katcher--Todd’s sixth-grade science teacher. 75% nice guy/25% nutty professor.

Ike and Wendell--This double-dork duo makes Duddy seem almost normal. Dragon Sensei devotees, they become Duddy’s new best buds.

The Bad Dudes:
Ernie Buchenwald--Todd’s nasty nemesis from elementary school. His new retainer maketh him talk with a lithp.

Max Loving--Wakefield Middle School’s worst bully and Todd’s new “best friend.” If Bigfoot and She-hulk had a baby, this guy would be their son.

The Zoo Crew: Spud Kim & Dick Nixon (no relation)--Max’s enormous, bragadocious, eighth-grade entourage. Don’t mess with them.

The Toddlians:
toddlian.pngA race of ant-sized people who were spawned from the filth of Todd’s crusty sport sock and therefore worship him as their god. Like ants, they can manipulate objects many times their size.

lewis1Lewis--The same age as Todd (in Toddlian years), Lewis is struggling with an identity crisis similar to his creator’s. Lewis’ unyielding devotion sometimes causes him to ignore his better judgment.

Herman--A bit of a poetic old soul with a scientific mind, gentle Herman turns out to be a handy Toddlian to have around.

persephone Persephone--Quick-tempered and spunky, Persephone has little patience for Todd’s lame leadership. This John Wayne-inspired cowgirl takes the bull by the horns to help save her people.

Dragon Sensei:
Todd's favorite Japanese anime series, featuring Koi Boy, Mongee-Poo (his faithful monkey sidekick), Saki, a giant salamander warrior, and her evil uncle, Emperor Oora.

History: The marshy planet of Fernsopi has been overtaken by Oora, giant salamander of epic evilness. His niece and rightful heir to the throne, Saki, seeks to defeat her uncle and avenge her father’s death. But only warriors are allowed to enter the Swamp of Souls where her father’s spirit is held captive, so Saki disguises herself and braves the deadly morass. All that’s left of her father is his magic mustache and purple robe, which she dons to complete her disguise. Saki weeps bitter tears for her dead father, and where they land poisonous skeleton-faced mushrooms spring up. These Boom Shrooms emit a noxious green flesh-melting gas. Disguised as her father, Saki leads an insurrection against Emporer Oora.

Sensei Nagee (the Dragon Sensei) assists Saki in her quest, encouraging her to use her powers for good, as he taught her father before her. While feeding his Koi fish one day, Nagee notices that one of the creatures is a hybrid, having a finned human body. It is a mystery where the fish-child originated, but it is clear that the infant has super powers. The sensei raises Koi Boy as his son, encouraging him not only to strengthen his abilities but also to use his wits against the villains that seek to take over the planet: Vespa the Vengeful, Hornet of Hate and SharkTreuse, the yellow goblin shark. All the while Oora searches for his niece, Saki. He knows that if she should ever team up with Koi Boy, his plans for world domination would evaporate like the mist of Fernsopi on a sunny day.


Name: Koi Boy--
Half human boy, half fish. Can live in or out of water.
Race: Unknown
Powers: Bubble force-field, insane karate skills.
Weakness: Horrified of cats and hedgehogs.
Dream: To finally please Sensei Nagee and find a good-looking fish-girl.

Name: Mongee-Poo--
Koi Boy’s green snow monkey sidekick.
Race: Primatian
Powers: Blows green radiated sludge out of nostrils, hurls flaming poo.
Weakness: Obsessed with grooming and hot baths.
Dream: To have his own personal groomer and find a cure for his sinus problem.

Name: Sensei Nagee--The Dragon Sensei of the show’s title, trains Saki and Koi Boy.
Race: Human who morphs into a dragon and vice versa.
Powers: Shoots electricity from his fingertips. Used to breathe fire, but gave up smoking.
Weakness: Perfectionist. In love with Saki.
Dream: To wed Saki and see her seated on her father’s throne.

Name: Emperor Oora--Evil giant salamander who rules Fernsopi.
Race: Amphibian
Powers: No super powers except natural limb and tail regeneration.
Weakness: Greed, cruelty, lust for power, fear of extinction. Must be kept moist.
Dream: To annihilate his enemies and rule the universe.

Name: Saki--Female giant salamander. Rightful heir to Fernsopian throne.
Race: Amphibian
Powers: Boom Shrooms (emit flesh-melting gas), father’s magic mustache (uses as whip), limb and tail regeneration.

Weakness: Secretly in love with Koi Boy. Must be kept moist.
Dream: To wear her father’s crown, marry Koi Boy, acquire some eyelids (in no particular order).

Name: SharkTreuse--Giant dingy-yellow goblin shark. Aquatic arch-villain.
Race: Dorsalian
Powers: Shape shifter, invisibility, flaming eye gaze.
Weakness: Doubts his own existence. Fear of darkness.
Dream: To eat Koi Boy for lunch and Saki for dessert. Rule Fernsopi.

Name: Vespa the Vengeful--Japanese giant hornet with a lethal sting. Vile villainess.
Race: Vespan
Powers: Nuclear sting, larvae bombs.
Weakness: Fear of water, vision issues.
Dream: To morph into a Monarch butterfly and migrate to Mexico … or rule the world.